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Section I: The Thelemic Calendar of Feast Days9
Chapter 1 – A Feast for the Supreme Ritual11
Chapter 2 – A Feast for the Equinox of the Gods25
Chapter 3 – A Feast for the Spring Equinox37
Chapter 4 – A Feast unto Nuit53
Chapter 5 – A Feast unto Hadit69
Chapter 6 – A Feast unto Ra-Hoor-Khuit85
Chapter 7 – A Feast for the Summer Solstice99
Chapter 8 – A Feast for Tahuti and the Child of the Prophet111
Chapter 9 – A Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and His Bride125
Chapter 10 – A Feast for the Autumn Equinox139
Chapter 11 – A Feast for the Winter Solstice155
Section II: Feasts for Fire, Water, Life, and Death169
Chapter 12 – A Feast for Fire171
Chapter 13 – A Feast for Water183
Chapter 14 – A Feast for Life195
Chapter 15 – A Greater Feast for Death209
Chapter 16 – A Feast for Crowley’s Birth227
Chapter 17 – Aleister Crowley’s Greater Feast243
Section III: Feasts for the Seven Classical Celestial Spheres257
Chapter 18 – The Rite of Saturn259
Chapter 19 – The Rite of Jupiter271
Chapter 20 – The Rite of Mars285
Chapter 21 – The Rite of Sol297
Chapter 22 – The Rite of Venus311
Chapter 23 – The Rite of Mercury325
Chapter 24 – The Rite of Luna339
Section IV: Feasts for the Twelve Astrological Signs353
Chapter 25 – A Feast in the Sign of Aries355
Chapter 26 – A Feast in the Sign of Taurus369
Chapter 27 – A Feast in the Sign of Gemini383
Chapter 28 – A Feast in the Sign of Cancer397
Chapter 29 – A Feast in the Sign of Leo409
Chapter 30 – A Feast in the Sign of Virgo421
Chapter 31 – A Feast in the Sign of Libra435
Chapter 32 – A Feast in the Sign of Scorpio451
Chapter 33 – A Feast in the Sign of Sagittarius465
Chapter 34 – A Feast in the Sign of Capricorn479
Chapter 35 – A Feast in the Sign of Aquarius493
Chapter 36 – A Feast in the Sign of Pisces507
Section V: Feasts for the Seven Classical Chakras521
Chapter 37 – A Feast for the Muladhara Chakra523
Chapter 38 – A Feast for the Svadhisthana Chakra537
Chapter 39 – A Feast for the Manipura Chakra551
Chapter 40 – A Feast for the Anahata Chakra565
Chapter 41 – A Feast for the Vishuddha Chakra579
Chapter 42 – A Feast for the Ajna Chakra591
Chapter 43 – A Feast for the Sahasrara Chakra605
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