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Presented at the Tenth Biennial National O.T.O. Conference (NOTOCON) in Austin, Texas

Saturday, August 15, 1:30pm – 2:45pm
Room 615B

(Open only to O.T.O. initiates registered for the conference)

This presentation definitely falls under the Care and Feeding of a Thelemic Community. This will be an introduction to Thelemic feasting, cooking with correspondences, and how everyone can benefit by eating according to the magical aspects in which foods can affect us. I will touch on Franz Bardon’s elemental aspects of character and the importance of working with the elements, particularly and internally through food. I will briefly outline the Thelemic Calendar and introduce ways of enhancing our seasons, rites, holy days and our initiations, with correct corresponding foods for those events. And by specific example, I will take one menu and break it down, explaining why certain foods and their preparation offers each guest the opportunity to increase their magic with feasting as a personal and direct method for working with the nature of food.

My book, The Thelemic Cookbook: Cooking with Correspondences, will be available by this date to offer as a supportive and useful text on the subject.